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Williamsburg Rowing Center - The Future Value

  • Community Programs & Indoor Training

  • Protected Boat Storage

  • Retaining Outstanding Coaching

  • Youth Scholarships

The completion of the WBC Rowing Center will greatly enhance our ability to deliver life-changing rowing programs, making all the positive attributes of rowing, fitness, and nature fully accessible to all members of our community and regardless of capability.

Through access to year-round equipment storage, indoor training, and a multi-function community learning facility, WBC will be able to serve more of our surrounding communities than ever before.

  • Community Programs & Indoor Training

    • More Youth Rowers:​ 

      • WBC’s ‘no cuts’ and ‘no rower turned away’ policies have meant we often run very close to our current operating capacity. The Rowing Center will ease this pressure by allowing multiple group activities to take place safely and simultaneously. While one group is out on the water, another will be training indoors in the multi-purpose room, while a third attends a coach’s meeting or video session.  An indoor Winter fitness facility eliminates renting separate space keeping operating costs and fees lower.  It also provides a safe bad weather training space during the regular rowing season.

      • WBC anticipates rower training capacity to increase by 25% or more without adding rowing shells.

    • Adaptive Rowing:

      • While WBC’s rowing programs have provided a competitive or recreational outlet to many, our humble beginnings and limited facilities have limited our ability to offer adaptive rowing to athletes with special needs – to this point. The combination of the new Rowing Center and modifications to the waterfront dock and access will change that picture completely.  In anticipation, we are working on building a limited pilot program in 2020 so we are prepared when our capability expands.

      • With your support, WBC’s goal of making rowing accessible to all can take on a whole new meaning.

    • More Community Programs:

      • Aside from the workouts offered as part of our expanded rowing programs, WBC will be able to offer a variety of land-based workouts in the multipurpose training facility.  In addition, our experienced, certified coaches can teach water safety and learn to row/kayak/canoe/paddle board classes.  In cooperation with the Park, this can be extended to youth summer camps.

      • The Center adds a public fitness option in an area of James City county with lower access to public options. Given the low-impact, high-quality workout provided by erging machine and open space for other exercise class options, WBC anticipates adding a broader menu to our rowing lineup of fitness programs for all ages.

      • The Center also adds the capability of building Corporate Team Building Programs, a great option for both local company’s training and those visiting the area as part of a larger company meeting.


  • Protected Boat Storage

    • Proper stewardship of our valuable rowing equipment afforded by the new facilities will play a vital role in extending the life (estimated +10%) of our current gear.  It will also reduce current repair expenditures and enable more timely repairs that will keep our fleet on the water.

    • These savings are considerable with new rowing shell costs in the $40,000+ range, and annual maintenance costs representing 5-10% of fleet costs.

  • Retaining Outstanding Coaching

    • WBC has been blessed to have an amazing lineup of coaches across our Youth and Adult programs. They have enjoyed great success within the sport and/or in other life careers, and love to share not just their knowledge, but also their passion, with all that will listen every day.  The Rowing Center will deliver the audience, and our coaches will deliver their passion.

    • The WBC Rowing Center will form a vital link in expanding the Club’s programs and community impact, ensuring our continued ability to attract world-class coaching to help our programs thrive.

  • Youth Scholarships

    • WBC is committed to making rowing accessible, offering discounted and free places in our rowing programs on a needs-basis. Our current programs generate enough revenue for around 5% to be made available each year for those scholarships. The Rowing Center will offer many additional revenue streams and significant portions of that new revenue will fund new scholarship opportunities.

    • WBC anticipates being able to support at least a 50% increase in rowing scholarships through the operating revenues generated by the new rowing center.

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