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Williamsburg Rowing Center - Progress

  • Building the “plan” for the WBC Rowing Center is moving into its second year and is an example of how cooperation between public and private organizations can add great value to the community.  WBC’s clean, recreational use of Riverfront Park for training and regattas has helped highlight the Park and waterfront as a hidden gem for the community.  Our stewardship and support of Park activities has made us a valuable partner. 

  • Merging our needs and plans with the Park’s Master Plan will create exceptional small boating facilities including rowing and serve the broader community and visitors.  We have reached an agreement in principal both on the overall plans and on granting WBC a long term lease to build the Rowing Center.

  • During first quarter of 2020, we expect to complete architectural refinement of the facilities plan, working with the Park and JCC Building Department.  Key projects and timelines will flow from this work, but will also be contingent on fundraising progress and steps in approving and implementing the Park’s Master Plan.

  • Phase 1 improvements involving traffic flow and parking around the current boathouse have already been approved and work will be initiated early in 2020 with completion in the Spring.  There are other improvements to Riverfront Park that are planned or have been implemented that will have a positive effect but are not tied in with our Rowing Center project. 

  • Please join WBC in raising the roof of the WBC Rowing Center. The early stage of our fundraising campaign is critical for planning and permitting.  Each delay at this stage has an echo timing effect on completion, and every single donation counts…

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