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Who we are:

We are a community rowing program.  Participants include 6th-12th grade students enrolled in public or private schools, home-schooled students and adult rowers over the age of 18.

Yearly Programming

Fall Rowing

Winter Training

  • Erg Training (WISC)

  • Strength & Conditioning (Crossfit 1607)

  • Erg Sprints Regatta (On-Land Regatta)

Spring Rowing

  • On-the-water rowing (Chickahominy River & Gordon Creek)

  • Strength & Conditioning (CrossFit 1607)

  • ​Newport News Sprints (1st of our 3 Home Regattas)​

  • Adult Learn-to-Row (March)

  • Southeast Regionals in Princeton (May 14-15)

Summer Rowing

  • National Learn-to-Row Day (1st wkend in June 9:30am - Noon)

  • Strength & Conditioning (CrossFit 1607)

  • Reg Open - Adult Learn-to-Row

  • Reg Open - Adult Learn-to-Scull

  • Middle School Summer Rowing (regular practice, typically 3-4 weeks long starting in mid-July)

  • High School Summer Rowing (regular practice, typically 8 weeks long starting in mid-June)

  • High School & College Performance Rowing (practice typically 7-8 weeks long starting in mid-June)

  • Middle School Learn-to-Row 1wk Camp (end of August) (limited to 20 rowers)

  • High School Learn-to-Row 1 wk Camp (end of August)

  • Beak Week

  • Beak of the Chick Regatta (2nd of our 3 Home Regattas)

WBC Beak of the Chick Back.png
Williamsburg Boat Club Regatta 2019.png

WBC is a community rowing club supporting adult, high school and middle school rowers. The Masters program started in 2003 and has 40 adult rowers. The High School program started in 2014 and is growing rapidly with nearly 60 High School rowers and 40 Middle School rowers. The club supports rowers from Williamsburg-James City County, York County, Charles City County, and as far as Matthews and Richmond. Rowing builds physical strength and endurance, but more importantly, rowing builds determination, self-discipline, loyalty, and camaraderie. Good rowing programs require high quality leadership and equipment to ensure participants are competitive as well as safe.

We are proud of all that we have accomplished over the years.  With our leadership dating back to 2006, the club has grown over the years from solely an adult program to over 200 members represented by middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adults. Hundreds have benefitted from our presence here on the Virginia Peninsula over the years, including college students who have returned to row with us during the summer and/or who have returned to Williamsburg to row with our Adults/Masters. 

Located in James City County on the banks of the Chickahominy River, our club partners with the Chickahominy Riverfront Park to provide an amazing rowing experience on the River.  The past few months have seen the coastline of the River change a bit.  Part of James City County's master plan to shore up erosion along the Chickahominy River has created some very beneficial outcomes for viewing future WBC Regattas. (Pictures will be posted soon).  The entire Western coastline of the park will have amazing views of our races.  We can't wait to SEE our rowers on the water.

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