Howard (Howie) Hagan

High School Boys Coach

Howie (Certified Level 2 Coach) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where rowing is anunknown.  Arriving in college he discovered lightweight rowing and rowed competitively for four years.  Stepping out of a racing shell his senior year, at the May, 1972 Dad Vail regatta, he soon entered the 'real world' consisting of a career as a US Army officer, a wife, two children, a few war zones, over twenty years overseas and no time for rowing.  Retiring in 2016 he and his wife settled in Williamsburg.  Noticing an article in a local magazine regarding the WBC, he contacted the club president and immediately found himself rowing again.  His first Masters sprint race was in May 2016, after a short interlude of 44 years.  He continues to row with WBC Masters Program, serves as the current club VP, and is the coach for the U19 Boys.  He attended the US Rowing Coach's certification training in 2017 and is certified as a Level (College/HS) Coach.

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2020 GoFundMe

Raised $6900 to help WBC Stay Afloat.  Thank you to the below donors.  We are so thankful to have such an amazing community.

Amber Spicer, Marks & Cox Family, L T Hall Whaley, Bruce Lifka, Karol Hochman, Alan & Chris Hochman, Howie Hagan, Patricia Dwyer, Anonymous, Kate Fredericks, Spencer Rice, KJ Lembke, Mary Riemersma, Anonymous, Owens Family, Anonymous, Bob & Kathy Spicer, Thomas & Ellen Fithian, Virginia Carey, Alli & Ryan King, Beth Stamper, The Murphy Family, Sarah Berry, Cox Family, Anonymous, Adam Lifka, Anonymous, Anonymous, Ben Marks & Family, Anonymous, Vishton & Stevens Family, Blinn Family, Anonymous, Margaret & Michael Stiglitz, Sarah & Jennie Wells, Liam Carr, Susan Thacker-Gwaltney, James Brunson, The Zeytonnian Family, The Murphy Family, Shayna Walker, Robin Morrison Caldwell, Tim Barnard, Ginny Wertman, Christine Payne, The Murphy Family, The Murphy Family

I want to also recognize the Calkins family for providing the maintenance for all of the safety launches during our seasons.