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Masters/Adult 2024 Learn To Row:


Each class will be held over 4 consecutive weekends, both Saturday and Sunday (8 sessions per class).  This is for sweep rowing, in which each rower has one oar.  The planned classes are:












The cost per person is $200.  Each session will be 2 hours; the exact times of day are below.


Saturday 4/6 - 8:30am-11am - Please show up ready to row on land with a rowing machine and then transition to a boat to row on the water. No baggy clothing. Spandex-type clothing is good for movement and flexibility. Look online at how rowers dress for the weather and ask if you have questions.

Sunday 4/7 - 10am-12pm - We will warm up and go straight to the water and get in boats. At the end of practice, we will talk about the schedule moving forward. Because of our spring regatta schedule, we will need to be flexible with our practice schedule and coaching.

Connect with Nik Andresky @ with any questions.

Coach: Alan Hochman & Bruce Lifka

About Rowing - Helpful Videos from US Rowing

About Rowing Video USRowing.JPG

Everything you want to know about rowing in a 24min video. "This is worth it to see"

Arms & Body Double Set USRowing.JPG

Become familiar with body positioning by trying this simple drill. On the erg or on the water.

Program Dates

Session Block 1 starts Apr 6 & 7

Reg Now

Session Block 2 starts June 8 & 9 

Reg Now

Session Block 3 starts Aug 3 & 4 

Reg Now

2022 Summer Masters LTR.jpeg

2022 Summer LTR / LTS Sculling in a quad on Gordon Creek

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USRowing technique poster logo.png

Tides Near Us (Chickahominy Bridge)

Cold Water Capsizing / USK Course of Action Scenario Response(s)

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Adult Learn to Scull
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