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Masters/Adult 2023 Learn To Row:


Each class will be held over 4 consecutive weekends, both Saturday and Sunday (8 sessions per class).  This is for sweep rowing, in which each rower has one oar.  The planned classes are:












The cost per person is $150 for WBC members and $200 for nonmembers.  Each session will be 2 hours; the exact times of day are to be determined.


Masters Rep: Howie Hagan (questions regarding Adult LTR, please contact Howie

Coach: Casey Martin

About Rowing - Helpful Videos from US Rowing

About Rowing Video USRowing.JPG

Everything you want to know about rowing in a 24min video. "This is worth it to see"

Arms & Body Double Set USRowing.JPG

Become familiar with body positioning by trying this simple drill. On the erg or on the water.

Program Dates


Session Block 1 starts Apr 15 & 16 CLOSED

Adult LTR thumbnail 2023.JPG
2022 Summer Masters LTR.jpeg

2022 Summer LTR / LTS Sculling in a quad on Gordon Creek

williamsburg boat club oar.png
USRowing technique poster logo.png

Tides Near Us (Chickahominy Bridge)

Cold Water Capsizing / USK Course of Action Scenario Response(s)

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Heartline Study: Fun, Convenient, and Educational.  Download the App...

Gain valuable insights into heart health as you contribute to important research, all from the comfort of home in just 5-30 minutes each week.

Adult Learn to Scull
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