Spring Rowing Season:

High School Spring 2022 Rowing Season

  • Rowing practices 4 days/wk at Chickahominy Riverfront Park

  • Girls only on Tuesdays; Boys only on Wednesdays

  • We are a Club team for all high school and home school students

  • Weekly Schedule: Monday - Friday 3pm - 5:30pm

    • We understand that a 3pm start time might be too early for some of you because of when your high school classes get out.  Let us know through iCrew if you will be late.

  • Dates: beginning Feb 28 and ending June 3rd.

Who: This program is for rising 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders 

Cost: $600

Registration: 2 Steps to register.

1) Google Form - Registration Closed

2) iCrew - Toggle yourself into the appropriate HS team

iCrew instructions

Spring Regattas:   Away and Home Regattas

  • Discounts available:

    • ​1st HS rower pays $600, if there is a second HS rower in the family, then the 1st one pays $600 and the second one pays $500.  If the second rower is a MS rower in the family, the MS rower will get a $50 discount, but the HS rower will pay full price.


Coxswains will be in high demand. So feel free to show up for any session!  This applies for High School Coxswains showing up for boys AND girls practices.