Strength & Conditioning

All of the programs at CrossFit 1607 for rowers are tailored toward the fitness of rowers.  Matt Midnight, the owner of CrossFit 1607 has learned how to enhance rower performance with targeted strength and conditioning.  And, working with Tom Rooks, WBC head coach, they came up with a program that benefits all of our rowers.

What: Training is 2 days per week.  The sessions are 1.5 hours each day.

Where: At Crossfit 1607, New Town Williamsburg

When: After school and on Saturday morning - P1 [March, April, May], P2 [June, July, Aug], P3 [Sept, Oct, Nov], P4 [Dec, Jan, Feb] 

Who: This program is offered exclusively to Williamsburg Boat Club rowers (Middle School, High School, & Adults)

Cost: $180 for each 3-month block (buy now)

Pictures coming soon!

WBC is a community rowing club supporting adult, high school and middle school rowers. The Masters program started in 2003 and has 40 adult rowers. The High School program started in 2014 and is growing rapidly with nearly 80 High School rowers and 25 Middle School rowers. The club supports rowers from Williamsburg-James City County, York County, Charles City County, and as far as Matthews and Richmond. Rowing builds physical strength and endurance, but more importantly, rowing builds determination, self-discipline, loyalty, and camaraderie. Good rowing programs require high quality leadership and equipment to ensure participants are competitive as well as safe.