Masters Regattas:


Expected Masters Rowing Regattas in fall 2022


The following regattas are expected to be held in 2022. Nonetheless, the following are fall regattas with masters events that are planned to be held at each event. This page will be updated as fall regattas are scheduled, but you can also follow regatta scheduling at


As a reminder for WBC masters, there is no requirement to pay for the optional Masters Performance rowing sessions to compete in a regatta.  If you have paid for the Master Performance sessions, the additional cost of that program includes all your regatta fees.  If you have not paid for the Masters Performance program, you will pay your share of the cost of whatever event and boat you are seated in, which is typically varies from $10-50 per seat per event.  We don’t charge coxswains to race, so the rower’s fair share for each event is defined as the entry fee for the boat divided by number of rowers in the boat. If a regatta event entry fee is $120 for an 8+, each rower’s fair share is $120/8, which equals $15 for that event.

  • October 2nd - Autumn Rowing Festival, High Point, NC [possible Middle School Events]

  • October 8th - James River Sprints, Richmond, VA - TENTATIVE (only if NC is cancelled)

  • October 16th - Head of the Chickahominy, Williamsburg, VA

  • October 22nd (or 23rd TBD) - Head of the Lafayette, Norfolk, VA

  • November 5th-6th (most HS events will be on the 6th) - Head of the Occoquan, Fairfax, VA

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Tides Near Us (Chickahominy Bridge)

Cold Water Capsizing / USK Course of Action Scenario Response(s)

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