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Masters 2024 Learn to Scull:

  • Registration Coming Soon

If you have questions about our Masters/Adult programs, please reach out to...

Nik Andresky at


We are hoping to offer LTS classes this year.  Check back soon to see the dates and times


Cost: $150 for WBC members, $200 for non-members. However, if non-members opt to join the club after completing the LTS class, $50 will be credited toward their annual dues.

Class Format

Participants: This is limited by the number of recreational single sculls available, and
limits us to 4 people at this time.


Duration: 6 consecutive weekends, Sat and Sun from 12:00 - 2:00 pm, including a weekend added for makeup sessions. The first 4 sessions are on land, the remainder are on the water.

Class Scope:

  • Sessions 1-2: Learn and practice the basic rowing motion using rowing machines; optional for those with prior rowing experience.

  • Session 3: Presentation on club rules, local hazards, rowing safety, maritime rules of the road, weather, tides, navigation, and basic hydrodynamics (how to make a boat move). When you are rowing in a 1-person boat, you are the boat’s captain, navigator, helm, engine, and you’re facing backwards. The first weekend prepares you to be the engine, this presentation helps you prepare for the rest.

  • Session 4: Learn and practice sculling technique using dockside scullers

  • Sessions 5-10: Water sessions to practice maneuvers

  • Session 6: Intentionally flip the boat and re-enter it (aka the “flip test”)

  • Session 10: Sculling Level I certification

  • Sessions 11-12: makeup dates if needed


If you are interested in a LTS class, please fill out the form on our front page. Our Masters/Adult coordinator will follow up with you when the sessions are planned.

WBC Sculling Criteria

Learn to Scull Syllabus 2022

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USRowing technique poster logo.png

Tides Near Us (Chickahominy Bridge)

Cold Water Capsizing / USK Course of Action Scenario Response(s)

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