Masters/Adult WBC Membership:


  • Rowing practices 4 days/wk at Chickahominy Riverfront Park

  • Weekly Schedule:

    • Masters Practice Mar 15 through Sept 29: 5:45 - 7:30 pm Mon & Wed

      • Sat & Sun from 8am-10am​ will continue until the water and air temp are unsafe to row.

    • Masters Performance Practices Mar 15 through Sept 29: 5:45-7:30pm Tues & Thurs

      • Sat from 7:30am-9:30am​

    • Masters Sculling Practice Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 12pm

Who: This program is for all adults over 21 or those turning 21 this calendar year

Cost: $350 per year

Registration: 2 Steps to register.

1) Google Form -

2) iCrew - Create an iCrew Profile

iCrew instructions

Spring Regattas:

  • Apr 23, Masters Newport News Reservoir Sprints (1000 m)

  • Jun 18, Masters Sprints, Richmond (1000 m)

  • Jul 9, Masters Capital Sprints, DC (1000 m)

  • Jul 17, Masters Sprints, Occoquan VA (1000 m)

  • Aug 7, Beak of the Chick, Home (~3000 m)


The 2022 annual dues (Jan 1-Dec 31) for WBC master rowers are $350

These dues pay for coaching, equipment and maintenance.

Master Rowing Incentives and Discounts:


•           Master rowers new to WBC are offered a free 3-week trial period to sign up and row at any scheduled masters practice.  A digital swim verification form and liability waiver form is still required to be signed prior to their first row.

•           If there are two or more master rowers in a household, one rower pays full price ($350) for annual dues and the remaining master rowers in the household each get a $100 discount and pay $250.

•           If there is a Junior (HS or MS) rower in the household, each household master rower pays $250 for master annual dues and the HS and MS rowers pay reg price.

•           Participants in a Learn to Row/Scull program opting to join WBC as a Master rower, your prorated annual master dues will be discounted $50.


WBC will offer three Learn to Row (LTR) classes for sweep rowing and one Learn to Scull (LTS) in 2022. The fee for all LTR/LTS classes is $150 for WBC members and $200 for non-members.  After completing the class, non-members are encouraged to row at scheduled WBC masters practices for 3 weeks to practice their skills at rowing and to determine if they would like to join the club.  If a LTS or LTR graduate opts to join the club, their annual dues are credited $50 for taking the LTS or LTR class.


WBC will also offer, at no cost, sculling refresher sessions provided by an instructor for scullers who haven’t rowed for a while to get more comfortable sculling and those scullers who would like to upgrade their current sculling qualification.  These sessions will be held over a few April and May weekends.  Read the Sculling Program block on this webpage for more information.


WBC also supports the National Learn to Row Day (June 4, 2022) by offering free introduction to rowing sessions to the general public on Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5.


For more information, contact:

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Tides Near Us (Chickahominy Bridge)

Cold Water Capsizing / USK Course of Action Scenario Response(s)

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