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Williamsburg Rowing Center - Conservation

  • WBC is a passionate steward of the Park and the Chickahominy River watershed.  Our rowers appreciate nature by living it.  Osprey row becomes more than a landmark in the 5k row to the dock; as the season progresses the young ospreys become family.  The eagle dive bombing for dinner into icy waters becomes a fellow warrior spirit and boat mate. 

  • Likewise, our rowers. They become navigators by experiencing the river, understanding the effects of tide, current and wind on a tiny sliver of a boat.  Learning how to steer a boat using power rather than a rudder, using the wind to turn a boat and the current to gently dock.

  • For years, the water on the James and Chickahominy rivers was tainted by pollution.  Many have forgotten the pristine watershed this used to be, and through hard conservation work and time, has become again.  Williamsburg’s hidden gem can find more ways to open the water to the public through clean, recreational activity.  It can become one of the communities most valuable assets.

  • The rowing and small boat facility at Riverfront Park opens more public water access for exercise and an experience with nature.  WBC’s Rowing Center and regattas will help publicize our natural water resource and support the Park as a destination for camping and water sports.

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