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Carpool Rules

  • Download the CarpoolKids app from the app store or

  • Be nice, responsible, and respectful of other drivers.

  • You must participate by helping to drive.

  • Share your cell phone number with the other parents in your carpool.

  • Put your child in a car at least the night before.

  • Do not move another child out of a car to put your child in a car.

  • Don't leave rowers at school by themselves waiting for a ride. (call the other drivers to make sure everyone is getting a ride that needs one).

  • When creating your profile, DO NOT use the "Sign in with Facebook" option. That prevents you from making any profile changes and creates a problem down the line.

  • Add the number of seats you have in your car and your neighborhood. For example ours reads  "Lisa/Kelly Moose (4-Powhatan Secondary)" It doesn't have to look like that, just as long as it has the info. That way a parent doesn't add their rower if your car is already full. 

  • If you sign up to drive and cannot drive for ANY reason, you MUST find someone to take your place. This is to avoid rowers left behind.

  • If you use the App, your phone number will be shared. I will send out a spreadsheet once we have a final roster. This is for emergencies because email isn't always immediate.