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Carpool Rules

  • Download the CarpoolKids app from the app store or

  • Be nice, responsible, and respectful of other drivers.

  • You must participate by helping to drive.

  • Share your cell phone number with the other parents in your carpool.

  • Put your child in a car at least the night before.

  • Do not move another child out of a car to put your child in a car.

  • Don't leave rowers at school by themselves waiting for a ride. (call the other drivers to make sure everyone is getting a ride that needs one).

  • When creating your profile, DO NOT use the "Sign in with Facebook" option. That prevents you from making any profile changes and creates a problem down the line.

  • Add the number of seats you have in your car and your neighborhood. For example ours reads  "Lisa/Kelly Moose (4-Powhatan Secondary)" It doesn't have to look like that, just as long as it has the info. That way a parent doesn't add their rower if your car is already full. 

  • If you sign up to drive and cannot drive for ANY reason, you MUST find someone to take your place. This is to avoid rowers left behind.

  • If you use the App, your phone number will be shared. I will send out a spreadsheet once we have a final roster. This is for emergencies because email isn't always immediate.

iCrew Instructions

  • In order to see your practice sessions show up in you iCrew Attendance Plan, you have to make sure the correct TEAMS are in your profile.  After logging in, either on your phone or on the computer, click the TEAMS tab and Add the correct TEAM(s) to your profile.  Make sure you Save the page if it asks and then look at your attendance plan and you will see the practices populated in that page.

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