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- 1st Annual Alumni Row -


Let's kick off Beak Week together with a Sunday Morning 10am-noon, August 1st Alumni Row. Parents and Rowers welcome.



500ish meter sprints in Gordon Creek from the boat ramp to Mario.

Quads, Doubles, Singles, 4+, and whatever else we can fit in.


Lineups will be made on site at the time of the event.  However, if you already have a boat that you want to row with, show up together and we will put you together with your boat.


Challenge another boat to a race.


You can race or just come to the boathouse and hang out with Tom, the team and other Alums.

BBQ at noon following racing!

We want to see you and catch up.

Let us know if you think you can make it.  Fill out the form to the right.


Hope to see you there.

Alumni Row - Beak Week Day 1
Boat Preference

Thanks for submitting! See you Aug 1st

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