Middle School Rowing

Spring 2021 Rowing Season:

MIDDLE SCHOOL Spring Rowing Program -

  • Typically our middle school Spring rowing season runs 3 days/week.  Middle schoolers from 6th grade through 8th can participate. 

  • This year, things may be different and in order to create the safest, most workable program for our rowers, we will need to be flexible with our plans.  Below is our current schedule.

  • Practices will begin on March, 15, and end on Thursday, 12 June.

  • Training will be 5:30pm - 7:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

  • Please be on time to pick up your rowers.  We will not leave them alone, but we really appreciate you being on time so that our coaches can return home to their families.

  • Coxswains: Coxswains will be in high demand. So feel free to show up for any session ready to cox! 

    • Middle School Coxswains - if you are interested in coxing full time, showing up for each of the three Middle School practices ready to cox each practice. 

    • We will teach you all you need to know.

  • Register & Pay - $400

    • by credit card in iCrew

    • by check made payable to the Williamsburg Boat Club.  Mail to PO Box 6428 Williamsburg VA 23188

    • Discounts available:

      • ​1st MS rower pays $400, if there is a second MS rower in the family, then the 1st one pays $400 and the second one pays $350.  If the second rower is a HS rower in the family, you can follow the payment scheme above for High School.  Where the HS rower will pay full price and the MS rower will get a $50 discount.


Middle Schoolers on the Chickahominy River

Middle School Summer Rowing Programs

At WBC we have two opportunities for Middle Schoolers to row with us during the summer.

  1. Weekly Summer Rowing Practice (MUST be a returning rower)

  2. 1wk Summer Learn to Row Camp

  • 1) Our Summer rowing practices usually begin right after public school ends for the year on June 28th and goes until August 14th Just before our HS and MS Learn to Row camps begin.

    • Middle School typically rows 2 times per week but might only be 1 day per week on the weekend in a coached practice

    • This year, weekly practices will likely be 2 days/wk and will be starting once public school lets out and will end prior to the Middle School camp.

    • Middle School Summer Camp - 

      • Fill out the form to let us know you are interested​

      • The schedule is usually posted in May prior to the summer program

    • Registration

  • 2) Middle School Learn to Row camp will be Aug 16-20 with a mini-regatta on Aug 21 at our boathouse to show off what we learned during the week.​

    • This is a camp for 1st time rowers only​

    • Signups / registration opportunities will be posted in May

    • Registration

Summer Learn to Row/Scull Camps

[example schedule]

  • Monday - Friday

    • Athlete Dropoff: 7:45 AM

    • Morning Practice 8-10:00 AM

    • Lunch/Snack

    • Afternoon Practice 11-1:00 PM

    • Athlete Pickup: 1:15 PM

    • Wednesday Afternoon Practice:

      • Pool—Bring a Swim Suit

    • Saturday Regatta: 8-10:30 AM

      • (Family, Friends & Dogs Welcome)

  • Please bring​ a towel, sunscreen, water bottle (not disposable), lunch, a pair of running sneakers that also can get wet, a hat, and sunglasses.

    • We will be sharing as little equipment as possible​, so please make sure that you have all of your things with you when camp begins in the morning.

Summer Learn to Row Camps (NEW rowers only)

  • Middle School Learn to Row camp is a week long camp that begins on a Monday and ends on the following Saturday.

  • The schedule is usually posted in June before the summer season begins

Middle Schoolers on the Chickahominy River

500m MS Practice Race

Winter Rowing Fitness Training:

December 5-March 5, 2021

Description: Winter training provides an important opportunity for our rowers to maintain the fitness established on the water, build rowing technique with one on one coaching, and add core strength and power.  Programs are tailored to the different levels and ages of rower. 

All Virginia Covid-19 policies and procedure for indoor fitness will be followed.

Winter practice begins after our Fall season ends. Typically the first day of Winter erging is about a week after the Thanksgiving holiday.


2020 - '21 Preliminary Schedule is as follows...


Middle School - REGISTER - $150

  • Add yourself to the MS Winter Erging Team

  • Erging & heavy focus on building technique and land training to build core strength. 

  • Depending on signups, we will divide the group to ensure we have inside capacity

    • plan on training 2 nights per week for 60mins each session.

  • M, T, W, TH 5-6pm choose 2days that work for you.

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iCrew Instructions

  • In order to see your practice sessions show up in you iCrew Attendance Plan, you have to make sure the correct TEAMS are in your profile.  After logging in, either on your phone or on the computer, click the TEAMS tab and Add the correct TEAM(s) to your profile.  Make sure you Save the page if it asks and then look at your attendance plan and you will see the practices populated in that page.

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