Masters Rowing

Masters/Adult WBC Membership:

The current annual (Jan1-Dec31) dues for an individual are $300 plus a $5 surcharge, which pays half of the cost WBC incurs for the convenience of paying through PayPal.  If you opt to write a check to the club, there is no surcharge.

In the past, WBC offered a Competitive Masters rowing program (at an additional cost) for those masters who desired to compete at local regattas.  However, this program is currently suspended as very few regattas for masters have been planned for this spring and summer due to the pandemic.

Discounts Offered

  • If you have another Masters/Adult Rower in your family, the 2nd rower would be $200. So, that would be the $300 + $200 (for the 2nd rower)

  • If you have a Junior (HS or MS) rower in your family, you would pay $200. So, that would be the $200 for the Master’s rower and the full amount for the Junior rower ($550 HS, $400 MS)

  • If you participate in the Learn to Row/Scull program and you then decide to become a Masters/Adult member, your Annual dues will be discounted $50.

WBC masters rowing dues pay for on-water practices starting on March 6 and typically ending in mid-November.   The initial practices are on weekend mornings, but as the days get longer, we add 2 more weekday evening practices to the weekly schedule. With the current pandemic, we anticipate most rowing this spring and summer will be sculling, not sweep rowing in larger “team” boats.  As the pandemic abates, we hope to return to sweep rowing in team boats.

WBC also offers Learn to Row (LTR) for sweep rowing, (rowing in which each rower has one oar) and Learn to Scull (LTS), in which each rower has 2 oars.  In 2021, we plan to offer 3 LTS classes and 1 Summer LTR class (pandemic allowing), but this could change as the year and pandemic progress.  The fee for each LTS/LTR class is $150 for WBC members and $200 for non-members.  After completing the class, non-members are encouraged to row at scheduled WBC masters practices for 3 weeks to practice their skills at rowing and to determine if they would like to join the club.  If a LTS or LTR graduate opts to join the club, their annual dues are credited $50 for taking the LTS or LTR class.

WBC offers Winter Training (including erging and other fitness activities) - Winter Training typically runs from Dec - Feb and details should be available by November 2021.


We have about 50 master rowers in the club, aged twenty to eighty something and have room for more.  If you are interested, feel free to contact the Masters Representative, Bob Morrison at

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Masters Rowing:

Typically, our Spring season begins the first week of March and runs through the month of May.  You must be a Masters Member to participate with our regular practices.  If you are new to rowing, please sign up for our Learn-to-Row classes so that you can become competent on the water and feel comfortable enough to rowing with others in team boats or scull on your own.

Masters Spring/Summer 2021 Sculling Practice Schedule
Masters sculling practices are scheduled to begin on Saturday, March 6. However, given the significant weather and temperature changes typical of March, practices will be canceled if the combined water and air temperature adds up to less than 90deg F or other environmental factors prohibit a safe outing.


Scheduled practices are as follows:
Sat and Sun: Supervised 7:30 - 9:30 am Mon and Wed: 5:45 - 7:45 pm or sunset
Sat and Sun: Unsupervised 9:30 - 11:30 am

This schedule of masters sculling practices will likely continue into the fall, with the last scheduled weekday evening practice being on Wed, Sep 22. This is because sunset will be before 7 pm after this, and there are simply not enough daylight minutes to get in a decent evening row.

This schedule, like many other scheduled this year, may change as (hopefully) the pandemic will wane and current restrictions will be eased in the summer enough to return to sweep rowing.

Masters Competition Rowing

Due to the pandemic, there are no local regattas scheduled, and our Masters Competition season is suspended.  Until further notice, we will not be competing with other rowing clubs.

Masters 2021 Learn to Scull:

The below info may change with regard to Covid-19 changes.

If you have questions about our Masters/Adult programs, please reach out to...

Bob Morrison

Masters Representative

Three LTS classes will be held this year;

LTS 1 [April 10 - May 16], LTS 2 [June 5 - July 11], LTS 3 [July 24 - Aug 29]



Let Bob know which class you prefer, and he will get back to you with a tentative class date, he will reconfirm with you about 4 weeks prior to the class start date so you can sign up in iCrew.


Cost: $150 for WBC members, $200 for non-members. However, if non-members opt to join the club after completing the LTS class, $50 will be credited toward their annual dues.

Class Format:
Participants: This is limited by the number of recreational single sculls available, and
limits us to 6 people at this time.


Duration: 6 consecutive weekends, Sat and Sun from 12:00 - 2:00 pm, including a weekend added for makeup sessions. The first 4 sessions are on land, the remainder are on the water.

Class Scope:

  • Sessions 1-2: Learn and practice the basic rowing motion using rowing machines; optional for those with prior rowing experience.

  • Session 3: Presentation on club rules, local hazards, rowing safety, maritime rules of the road, weather, tides, navigation, and basic hydrodynamics (how to make a boat move). When 
    you are rowing in a 1-person boat, you are the boat’s captain, navigator, helm and engine, and you’re facing backwards. The first weekend prepares you to be the engine, this presentation helps you prepare for the rest.

  • Session 4: Learn and practice sculling technique using dockside scullers

  • Sessions 5-10: Water sessions to practice maneuvers

  • Session 7: Intentionally flip the boat and re-enter it (aka the “flip test”)

  • Session 10: Sculling Level I certification

  • Sessions 11-12: makeup dates if needed

Masters Learn to Row:

Register for our Summer Adult Learn-to-Row Class

Weekend Dates: July 24, 25; July 31, Aug 1; 14, 15; 21, 22; 28, 29

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday mornings 9:30-11:30 am

Pricing: $200 with $50 going to annual Masters membership fee if you decide to join WBC Masters

Annual Masters membership dues are $300. Masters dues for 1/2 of the year will be $150 - $50 = $100 additional to be paid if you decide to join.

If you already are a WBC Masters member, then the cost for Learn-to-Sweep Row will be $50.

*** Weekend 1 is critical for new rowers.  For scullers, Weekend Day 2 is critical but day 1 optional ***

Coaches: Bruce Lifka, Alan Hochman, Howie Hagan


About WBC Masters

WBC has a Masters program that operates year round with rowing sessions daily. Masters are adult rowers with various levels of experience. We welcome alumni from the Junior Program and their parents, college students, former collegiate rowers, and any adults that enjoy being active on the water. However, no experience is necessary to join us. Our Masters 'JOIN' WBC for 1 year at a time starting Jan 1 - Dec 31. Dues are due Jan 1. 

Members have access to our WBC programs.  Rowing members have access to our fleet of boats and all on-water practices once they learn to row.  Learn-to-Row classes are offered to all who are interested in learning to row.  LTR is typically ten sessions, 2 days/week for 5 weeks, of classes that will prepare you to participate in the club. The class is a prerequisite for rowing on the water with the club to ensure all safety precautions are met. If you already know how to row, you will just need to discuss your experience with the coach who will determine whether or not you would need to attend the Learn to Row classes.


As a member you can pursue further development of your rowing skills as well as move onto a performance group to increase the workout intensity and the opportunity to race in Regattas.

Rowing has been proven beneficial for all ages because of the cardiovascular workout with low-impact for your joints. It provides a workout for your whole body, improving muscle tone, and increasing lean body mass.

Masters row at Chickahominy Riverfront Park and offer various levels of membership, depending on whether you want competitive rowing, sculling, or simply relaxed fitness. Race opportunities are available, however you are not required to race to be a member of the club.

Want to know more? Send us a note and someone will reach out to you.


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